Using Incanto

Incanto allows business experts to easily create rule and decision models, incorporating their expert knowledge. From the models, custom decision processing engines are generated automatically. These may then be used in any computerised process to automate decision-making and the application of rules. As Incanto runs so quickly you can apply rules processing across the board, no matter how large and complex your business may be.


Incanto has been designed so that it can easily integrate with your computerised processes and run in large batch or on-line mode. We also have closely integrated Incanto with the workflow solution created by our partners, Flowcentric. In addition we have created stand-alone solutions for some specific problems.

“Simple and effective solutions for a complex business world.”

Some business benefits of agile rule and decision automation

  • Make expert decisions at any stage of business process
  • Smarter processes differentiate from competition
  • Improve customer interactions by tailoring to customer need
  • Fine tune financial controls and flow of key activities
  • Meet compliance regulations

For more information about Incanto please see our

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