Data Cleansing and Migration Services

Qualia specialise in the provision of a full data cleansing and migration service. The unique combination of our years of experience in the blue chip financial sector, with the functionality and performance of the Incanto tool set, allows us to provide a data cleansing and migration service that is fully tailored to your business rules and requirements – and we can do it good, fast and cheap.

Decision Processing and Business Rules Services

Incanto Business Rules and Decision Processing functionality is available to suit all levels of problem.

Custom Rules/Decision Engine Licence

Qualia works with your business analysts to create a custom built engine can then be integrated into your business processes.

Qualia consultants can implement modifications and new functionality as required, or the client may prefer to upgrade to a full development licence.

Full Incanto Development Licence

Qualia consultants train your analysts to develop business rule models with Incanto. Model creators do not need programming experience, but do require a logical approach to problem solving. Incanto`s graphical interface allows experienced analysts can learn to create working models quickly and easily.

Licences are available to cover implementations ranging from a single development workstation, to a fully networked enterprise version.


Integration Support can be provided for implementation of a web service, or in the tight integration of executable model engines within third party applications, e.g. workflow.

Ongoing support is also provided according to the requirements of each client.


Qualia can provide personalised, on-line demonstrations of the Incanto tool set on request. Please contact us [email protected]