Altkon are a specialised consultancy with broad experience of business rules and business workflow management. Altkon work in a close partnership with Qualia, to develop our sales channel and marketing in the UK and abroad, We work closely on technical solutions and integration with other third party systems.


Specialising in People Centric Workflow Solutions, FlowCentric provide BPM and workflow automation tools. Working in partnership with Flowcentric, we offer a uniquely integrated solution that combines superior BPM and workflow, with fully customisable decisioning capability.

Digital Document UK

Keeping tabs on all of the information that your organisation has is a perennial nightmare. Just knowing what information you have can seem impossible when it arrives in your organisation on paper, as faxes, or in email. Internally you are creating new information all the time in documents, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, disparate database systems, and many other forms. Collating it all into a single view of what you have and putting in place the means to quickly search your entire knowledge base for business intelligence is what Digital Document UK is all about. D2UK specialise in designing knowledge management systems that convert valuable business intelligence into business action.